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This site is where I've decided to toss together my ramblings on various aspects of my writing, including more detail on the characters and setting of the books' world. To ask questions or see the topics I've already answered, please pop into the Facebook group below. You don't have to post publicly, you can just message me through that group.

Latest additions: If you are a Patreon follower, I've added links in the lower-right to log in and see the early-release material. If you don't know what I'm talking about, don't sweat it. :)

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2/2017 - Added some links to the site to allow Patreon/fan fiction followers to see advance material.

8/2016 - RMFC again, this time I think the topic will be "Emotions in Writing, making your audience cry."

10/15 - This month we ran a contest in the Facebook group. Congratulations to our book winners!

8/15 - RMFC panel this year was about tools and notekeeping for authors. Thanks to everyone that came out.

3/30/15 - Updated schedule for 2015 and minor tweaks to site performance.

4/29/14 - Updated information about book four and added the new cover art (thanks Rukis!).

3/2014 - Realized I hadn't updated in a while. Fixed a few details about book three and four that were incorrect. Added more info about book five.

10/20/13 - One of the directors for RMFC has offered me a panel next year. I may take him up on that. Whether I do or not, I will be at that convention. My hope is that by then at least book four will be released, if not both it and book five.

9/5/13 - RMFC was wonderful again. Had a great time and want to send a big thank you to the readers that stopped by to encourage me. 

8/2/13 - I will be attending RMFC once again, after the wonderful time I had there last year. Additionally, I will be releasing book 3 at that convention.

7/31/13 - New Facebook group created.

7/2/13 - Site-wide updates and additions in celebration of book three being finished. 

6/20/13 - It just came to my attention that the contact form has been broken for a while and generated no errors (thanks webhoster guys). It's fixed now.

8/13/12 - I would like to thank all the people at RMFC for having me. It was a lot of fun and got to meet dozens of really great people and a few fans (and make a few more).